Christendom College Official Silk Necktie


This is the official limited edition necktie of Christendom College. It is handmade from 100% silk. The seal of the college is sewn into the tie, so it will never wear away. The rich navy color of the tie makes it the perfect tie for any occasion, and with any outfit. This is the highest quality silk tie you will ever own!

The tie features a series of stripes with alternating gold, red, and white stripes on a navy background. The gold stripes represent Christ the King, triumph and wisdom, and Christendom’s gold standard of education. The red stripes represent the blood of the martyrs and their courageous leadership. The white stripe represents truth and purity. The blue represents Our Lady. The stripes are arranged in sets of 5 to represent the 5 original founders of Christendom, the first 5 donors, and the 5 board members, and the 5 wounds of Christ.

You can choose to have them delivered to you on the Christendom campus, or I can ship them directly to you.

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