Aron Forthofer’s Portfolio

Content on this page is constantly being updated as I gain more and more experience. This list includes videos that I have either produced myself or have been on the production crew for. Videos are generally listed from most recent to oldest, and this list is not extensive.

I do a bit of photography as well! To view some of my photography work, click here!


Pelczar Wedding – Video

This was a wedding I filmed in late 2023, having been friends with the couple. This wedding was filmed with the Canon M50 Mark II and edited with Davinci Resolve.

Dedication of Christ the King Chapel at Christendom College – EWTN Video

I was on the film crew for EWTN for the dedication of my college’s new chapel. I was a cameraman for the ceremony and also set up all that was required for PTZ cameras and other cameras around the chapel in order to capture this event. During the event I was also an on-the-ground problem solver, fixing cameras when they lost connection and helping the sound technicians to properly capture good audio for the video.

Christendom College – A/V Technician Job

My most recent videographer job has been with Christendom College, recording or livestreaming events including but not limited to concerts, dance competitions, talks, ceremonies, Masses, and funerals. Shown are some of the videos that I consider to be a highlight of my time. I will occasionally do graphic design for this job as well, designing thumbnails and on-screen graphics. This section also includes the commencement ceremonies below.

2022-2023 Commencement Ceremonies – Christendom College

I was the main videographer for the documentation of the commencement ceremonies at Christendom College in 2022 and 2023.

Policy Pizza – Video

I was on the film crew for this video, both as a cameraman and an assistant, running cords, setting up lights and cameras, and shooting B-roll footage.

Diocese of Raleigh Ordination to the Priesthood – Livestream

 I was one of the camera operators for the Ordination to the Priesthood Mass in my local cathedral in 2022. Along with this Mass, I have been involved with multiple other Mass recording productions with this company.


SafeDrive Brakes – Promo Video

I produced a promo video for a drivers education brake company called SafeDrive. The owner of the company reached out through a mutual connection and sent some of his products for me to film and edit a promotional video that he would show at events.

SafeDrive Pro Drivers Education Brake – Installation Video

This video was produced for a drivers education brake website, where they listed instructional installation videos for customers. 

Padre Hector – Funeral Slideshow

I made a slideshow for the funeral of one of my parish’s priests, who passed away from complications after getting COVID-19. This video was made during my time as a video production specialist at St Ann Catholic Church in Clayton, NC from 2019 to 2021.

Divine Mercy Holy Hour – Video Recap

I made a video recap of a drive-in holy hour that my parish had in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. This video was made during my time as a video production specialist at St Ann Catholic Church in Clayton, NC from 2019 to 2021.

Midtown Place Open House – Recap Video

I was asked to make a recap video for an open house for wedding companies in August 2018. 

JoCo Kidpreneur Fair – Recap Videos

I was asked to make a video recap for the JoCo Kidpreneur fair 2 years in a row. I filmed and edited these while still in high school.

Catholic NC TV – Channel

This channel includes Catholic educational content with a seminarian friend and the director of religious education of our diocese. Filmed and edited by yours truly, the group made videos informing people about the faith. I also made daily podcasts and recordings of Lenten and Advent meditations, which were posted on all media platforms available, even in text format on Instagram and Facebook. This page was active from 2018 to 2021, starting when I was 15, giving me extensive practice editing.

St Ann Catholic Church – Channel

I was a video producer for my local parish from July 2019 through July 2021, producing update videos for the parish, how-to videos for catechetical uses, livestreams of Mass with our in-house PTZ cameras, moderating the parish social media outlets, and more. This job included extensive video editing, channel brand standardization, and filming of various events and interviews. This work was in both English and Spanish.