Help Me Stay at Christendom

Why donate to help me stay at Christendom College?

 I’d be very appreciative of any donation that you’d be willing to give me! Your support would mean that I am doing something right. I hope that you would consider becoming a benefactor!

Hello! My name is Aron Forthofer. I’m currently the Sophomore Class President at Christendom College, where I’m learning the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith.

Why am I going to college? I’m going to college to learn the Faith so I can help teach it to others. I am constantly trying to be a light in the world for others, and your support will help me to be more available to help others. I’ve stayed very busy on campus with multiple jobs and volunteering positions, and I am even busier as Sophomore Class President during the 2022-23 academic year.

One of my goals in life is to help bring others to Christ, and I believe that Christendom is a great training ground for me and other young Catholics who are striving to do the same. I’m learning so much here at school, both in classes and in real-life situations while being around 500+ people on a daily basis. Your support will help me to learn the Catholic faith and will make it easier for me to help others, both here at Christendom College and beyond!