For years, the current sophomore class at Christendom College raises money for its senior class gift by coordinating Auction Dinners with professors and staff. This year, the class of 2025 will not only be raising money for itself, but also for Shield of Roses.

Auctions will occur during lunch on Monday April 3 and Tuesday April 4, 2023!

Below is the information for all of the Auction Dinners being held this year:

4-Course Steak Dinner – Mr McFadden

Enjoy your own private dining room, with cocktails on the back deck, and a gourmet 4-course dinner prepared and served by Mr. McFadden. Ideal for 10-12 guests, this evening will begin with gin & tonics, decadent chocolate martinis, or a glass of fine wine on the back deck. A variety of appetizers will accompany the drinks, including sausage stuffed mushrooms, bacon-wrapped dates, and smoked salmon cucumber bites. After taking your seat at the finely crafted dining room table, Mr. McFadden will serve you a fresh salad creation and then a grilled filet mignon steak, topped with a red wine reduction, accompanied by twice-baked potatoes and roasted vegetables. Red wine, yeast rolls, and fine conversation will be flowing throughout the evening. The evening will conclude with a warm chocolate chip pecan pie, topped with freshly whipped cream, and served alongside a variety of after-dinner cordials. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won’t want to pass up. Available on April 22 or 23, or April 28 or 29 (Spring Formal).


Sumptuous Steak Dinner – Dr McInerny

Enjoy a sumptuous steak dinner at Chez McInerny at our Home Sweet Hume in Hume, Virginia, some 25-30 minutes from campus. Dr. McInerny will grill the steaks with his bare hands and Mrs. McInerny will provide the complementary starches, salads, and yeasty carbohydrates. A delicious dessert will be served only to those able to make at the table a short and moving recitation of their choice of poetry or prose. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is for your group of 4, but the group must be vehicularly mobile.

Celtic Feast at Tir Connaill – Dr O'Donnell

Enjoy a Celtic feast at Tir Connaill with the O’Donnells! 8 people can enjoy this meal on a date arranged with the host. For starters, enjoy Irish gins, beers and whiskies, scotch, alongside Scottish smoked salmon and an assortment of Irish cheeses and breads. The main course features Donegal Bay seafood chowder, Filet of beef O’Flaherty w/Jameson sauce, Potatoes O’Brien, and roasted vegetables. Finishing up with dessert is warm apple tart with clotted cream and Irish coffee. This is a meal that you won’t want to miss!

A Farm Picnic – Mrs. Stephens

A Farm Picnic: escape the Christendom bubble and venture out into nature in Fort Valley! You will enjoy steaks and burgers from our very own cows, go on a hayride around our property to see the stunning views, and hang out by our brand-new pond. This dinner is open to up to 10 students, and works best on a Sunday afternoon: April 23 or 30, or May 7.

Menu includes steaks and burgers from our farm-raised beef, homemade potato salad, homemade sourdough bread, homemade brownies, chips and veggies, washed down by homemade sweet tea, lemonade, and kombucha.

Activities include a hayride around our farm, including up to “the hill” to take in the view of the entire valley, hanging out on the dock of our gorgeous pond, sitting on our front porch sipping sweet tea, and playing cornhole in the front yard. You won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Chapel View Dinner – Mrs. Hickson

Up to 8 students can join Mrs Hickson for drinks on her porch with a spectacular view of the new Chapel, followed by a scrumptious dinner consisting of Crab Souffle, asparagus, salad and dessert.

A Night in the Shire – Prof. Balint

Enjoy a Lord of the Rings dinner consisting of warm baked cheese with rustic bread of the Shire, mulled wines of Moria, Dwarf Ale, Mirubor (rose water), Sam’s Coney stew, roasted lamb, walnut pear salad, scallion potatoes, Elvish rolls, blackberry pie, and Bilbo’s Eleventy-First Birthday Cake!

4-Course Fancy Dinner – Mr. Brown

10 lucky people can dine on Mr Brown’s incredible cooking in this auction dinner! The breakdown of the dinner is as follows:

1st course: Mini crab cakes with lime aioli

2nd course: Roasted red pepper soup with sambuca cream

3rd course: Mixed green salad with candied pecans and chevre crumbles with citrus vinaigrette

Entree: Roasted beef tenderloin with a butter garlic sauce served with grilled asparagus drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and asiago-parmesan potato gratin

Dessert: Two mini mousses: homemade chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce and homemade mango mousse parfait

You don’t want to miss out on this fine-dining experience!

5-Course Portuguese Feast – Mr. Rohlena

Enjoy a traditional 5 course Portuguese feast for up to 12 people.

Immerse yourself in old world atmosphere while surrounded by the beautiful vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains at the Rohlenas’ home, Ponto Belo.

Menu can be adjusted, but can include:

• A traditional, delicious marinated beef dish

• Alcatra

Imported cheeses and olives

• A delicious green salad

Figs with prosciutto

• Homemade breads

A sampling of amazing Portuguese desserts

There will also be excellent wine to go along with this meal for those who partake.

This is an amazing opportunity to spend time with Mr Rohlena and his family!

1-Day Weekend Getaway – Dr Sullivan

Join Dr Sullivan on a 1-Day weekend getaway in Washington DC! Up to 4 people are welcome to join her on an adventure in the capital of the country, on a day that will include lunch and sightseeing! Possible dates are April 22/23, or April 29/30.

A Night in Little Italy – Chef TíJæy

Renowned Italian Chef TíJæy (not to be confused with that reject American, “Chef TJ”), invites you to his restaurant

A sit-down dining experience for 6-8 people, good for the evening of either April 20th or April 22nd.

Courses include: Chicken Parmesan, meatballs, or Shrimp Scampi. Choose from any three dishes on the menu; all dishes are completely homemade and served with hand-crafted pasta!!

Other menu options include Italian Soda and lemon cheesecake

Mexican Meal for 4 – Prof Spiotta

Join Prof Spiotta and Mrs Spiotta (and their son Elmo) for a homemade Mexican meal! Enjoy homemade salad, carnitas, Mexican rice and refried beans, finished by Mexican brownies! This is a great opportunity to get to know this second-semester professor, Prof Spiotta!

For more information, contact Aron Forthofer!